Why ELI?

Why ELI?

Elite Language Institute approaches language from a different perspective. We give service to our students by first determining their needs and specialized programs in line with these needs. Lessons are conducted one-on-one and in small groups, instead of classroom education in classical classrooms and classrooms. Our most important feature is that we serve our students not only as instructors or consultants, but also as mentors.

1-1 Demo Course and Placement Exam

Before starting their education, ELI students are subjected to a written and oral Placement Exam with an expert instructor to determine their level and needs. A demo lesson is given after the instructor determines the student's level. The student has the opportunity to get to know the education system, instructors and educational materials.

Saving time and increasing efficiency with Private Lessons:

The biggest contribution of private lessons to students is that they reach the same level an average of 4-5 times faster than in the classroom environment. In classroom lessons, instructors need to go with a certain curriculum and speed, while in private lessons, the curriculum is student-oriented, fast in the subjects they know and slower in the subjects they have difficulty. This causes the lesson time to be used very effectively. In addition, while the student speaking time is shared with 15 people in the classroom environment, this time increases 15 times in private lessons.

Tailor-made lessons and flexible hours:

Today, everyone who needs language education wants to get it! For many people, the biggest obstacle is finding a convenient schedule. ELI provides service to students 7 days a week between 07:00 in the morning and 22:00 in the evening with a staff of 20 instructors. People choose the most suitable course schedule for them. Except for urgent matters, the most effective private curriculum is 2 days a week and 2 lessons a day. A minimum of 2 days break between 2 class days (digestion of information, completion of homework, etc.) is the ideal course program. Most of our classes are organised online through Zoom. For face to face lessons ( Levent Center or a location you choose) please contact us.

Material Support:

ELI provides free material support to all students. The books are generally the books of well-known publishers around the world. In General English, publishers such as Cambridge, Pearson, Longman, and Barrons are used. New English File, Cutting Edge, and Face2Face are the most commonly used materials. The books for the required levels are provided to the students. In addition to the main textbooks, the instructors prepare many support materials and share them with the students. There is a wide range of materials in exam preparation courses, and the book that the instructor will use as a main textbook is provided to the student free of charge.

Business English is divided into many sub-headings and people interested in these programs have specific needs. (For example,presentation techniques, correspondence, meeting skills, sales skills, telephone skill, etc.) Resource support is provided according to the programs people want to follow.

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