English for Professionals

English for Professionals

English for professionals are programs that contribute to the career and personal development of people working in different positions from various sectors. Unlike business English, Business English helps people master the terminology and spoken English of their industry.

With these lessons to be held with foreign instructors, your English at professional level will increase, your efficiency of using the language in business life will increase and you will be able to communicate with your colleagues in a healthy and correct way.

Our Professional English Programs:

Legal English

Engineering English

English for Doctors

English for Healthcare Professionals

English for Banking and Finance

English for Aviation

English for Tourism

English for Tourism Media and Journalism

English for Marketing and Advertising

English for Public Relations

English for Secretarial and Executive Assistance

English for Cinema-TV Translation Skills

You can contact our consultants to get detailed information about these programs.

Persons wishing to benefit from Vocational English programs must have of a minimum intermediate level of English. Courses are held online or at our center in Levent, students' workplace, or student's homes.

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