What is IB?

Meaning International Baccalaureate in Turkish, it is an academically challenging and balanced education program that prepares students for success in school and beyond. International Baccalaureate is designed to support the intellectual, social and emotional development of students. IB Programs are appreciated and respected by the world's leading schools.


The candidate for diploma must choose a course from each of the six groups within the options offered. In Turkey, Turkish mother tongue and Social Sciences courses, other courses can be administered in English.

Group 1: Language A1 - Literature studies are carried out in the language in which the student is most successful, usually in his mother tongue.

Group 2: Language A2 - Language and literature lesson with students who are very competent in a second language.

Group 3: Individuals and Societies - Business and Management, Economics, ITGS, Philosophy and Psychology.

Group 4: Natural Sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

Group 5: Mathematics - Mathematics (Advanced Level), Mathematical Methods (Standard Level).

Group 6: Elective - Students can choose any course from the first five groups or choose a course that has been specially approved according to the school curriculum.

Requirements Other Than the Six Curriculum


The Graduation Thesis, which is an important part of the IB Diploma Program, is based on one of the six above courses chosen by the student; It is a composition consisting of at least 4000 words, prepared by focusing on a topic of interest within the program and under the supervision of an advisor from the school. This figure does not include footnotes and bibliography.


The origin and validity of various forms of knowledge are examined in the Theory of Knowledge course. In this course, the student learns to develop a personal perspective on the discovery and creation of knowledge. This course is specific to the IB Diploma Program, and a minimum of 100 hours must be studied across the two-year curriculum.


Since "education of the individual as a whole" is the basis of the IB philosophy, each diploma candidate will take part in a CAS study and allocate 150 hours to this study for two years. If the required work is not done in TOK, CAS and EE fields, the student cannot receive an IB diploma.

Grading System

Courses in the diploma program are graded on a seven-point scale.

7 = Excellent

6 = very good

5 = Good

4 = Adequate

3 = Average

2 = Inadequate

1 = Very Poor

In which Turkish schools is IB offered?

There are 63 IB schools in Turkey, 3 international schools, three public schools and 58 private schools.

Koç, Eyüboğlu, MEF Schools, TED, TEV, İzmir American, Enka, Kültür are the main schools that provide IB education.

IB Preparation Course

ELI with its 10 years of experience, helps students to achieve a high level of success in exams and graduate with high averages in one-to-one courses organized by professors who are experts in the field of IB. ELI offers IB Mathematics (Advanced Level), IB Mathematical Methods (Standard Level), IB Physics, IB English and Literature to its students.

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