Proficiency Exam Support

The main purpose of the Proficiency Program it help students pass their individual universities' proficiency exam.

Proficiency is the foreign language test prepared by each university in line with the schools' needs. Therefore, the content of the exam is different in every university. However, the exams are usually prepared to measure grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. If a student passes the proficiency exam, they are usually allowed to skip the first year of English preparation at their university.

Exam dates vary from university to university. After the OSS results are announced, universities announce their proficiency exam dates. Proficiency is not a standardized exam like TOEFL; on the contrary, since it is an institutional exam, each university requires a specific qualification.

PROFICIENCY Preparation Courses are prepared by considering the types of questions our students will encounter in the exam. In our lessons students will

• Learn about their specific universities' test

• Test taking skills

• Trial exams similar to their proficiency test.

At ELI, one-to-one proficiency trainings are specific to each university and each training is given by our expert trainers. Before the training startes, we will give an exam that will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. The program will then be customized to your needs. We help students prepare for the following PROFICIENCY Exams:

* Doğuş University

* Yeditepe University

* Marmara University

* Bilgi University

* Bahçeşehir University

* Koç University

* Boğaziçi University

* Sabancı University

* Istanbul Kültür University

* Maltepe University

* Kocaeli University

* ITU (Istanbul Technical University )

* METU (Middle East Technical University)

* YTU (Yıldız Technical University)

* Işık University

* Bilkent University

* Kadir Has University

* Beykent University

* Okan University

* Fatih University

Please contact our consultants for more detailed information about our Proficiency Preparation courses.

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