BULATS Explained

The Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) is a language assessment service developed and given by an international group of examination centers called ALTE (European Language Tests Association). BULATS tests are prepared on the basis of the same standards as the tests performed by world-renowned organizations, and benefits from a quality control and customer service system of the same standard.

Partner organizations:

University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (English)

Alliance Française (French)

Goethe Institut (German)

Universidad de Salamanca (Spanish)

The BULATS Computer Test, which lasts an average of 75 minutes, is a tests that give instant and accurate results. Thanks to the program design, which won the "European Academic Software Award" in 2000, each test is different and thus the risk of copying is minimized. As the student is guided through the information on the screen during the test, there is no need for supervision.

BULATS can be used to measure the language proficiency of employees or prospective employees in companies or to observe how the foreign language profile of the company is changing.

Training Audits

When the company's training department needs to assess the quality of a training provided, BULATS helps measure progress by determining the participants' performance at the beginning and end of the training. It can be used to place students in the right places for language education, to provide students with an appropriate and standardized exam evaluation, to provide test support in foreign language controls.

Who Should Take BULATS?

These tests are designed to test the language skills of employees and students who use a foreign language in business life and / or receive language training for business purposes. People who want to work in international institutions and prove their level of English can take this exam. In summary, the usage areas of the BULATS exam can be listed as follows:

Determining the English skills of company employees and potential candidates.

Level placement for business English courses.

Measure progress of language training at the company.

What is the Validity of BULATS Scores?

BULATS test results do not expire. However, English proficiency can grow and decrease over time. Therefore, we recommend taking BULATS every 2 years to learn the most accurate English levels of employees.

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