Preparation Courses

PTE Preparation Course

With the option of online or face-to-face courses, our PTE preparation program is individually designed to bring students to their target scores. Students are taught how to prepare for the exam, exam tactics, test-taking skills, and how to use time effectively during the exam.

Course Content: During the pre-course PTE mock exam and interview, the instructor determines the student's current result, stengths and weaknesses, and prepares a program customized to the students needs and addresses the following topics:

• Reading: Multiple choice questions, paragraph placement, gap fills

• Writing: summarizing, essay writing

• Listening: multiple choice questions, summarizing, gap filling

• Speaking: speaking practice

• Ohter skills: grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary

The candidate can study all sections during the course, or we can design specific programs that only focus on specific sections. Periodically, students are given practice exams and their progress is closely monitored.

The training, the experienced teacher, regular attendance, practice tests, homework and monitoring help to insure that the student's target score is reached.

Regular attendance and homework completion will help students reach their goal score. The students will learn to think quickly, recongnize common mistakes, and use time effetively.

Course Materials: The course instructor follows the lessons from a specific book, but also provides extra material to help students in the lessons. The book for the course is provided free of charge to the student.

Course Duration: Course duration will vary according to students' current English level and target scores.

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