TOEIC Explained

The TOEIC exam, is an English proficiency exam that evaluates the test-takers' English by using daily business life. It is a test designed for businesses by ETS, which also prepares exams such as TOEIC, TOEFL, GRE. The TOEIC, which is recognized and applied all over the world, is one of the most used exams for English level placement. It is used by more than 3 million people and thousands of international institutions in more than 60 countries every year.

Who Should Take the TOEIC Exam?

Companies: Companies can measure their staff's English level for training programs, recruitment, and promotion.

Individuals: For job applications and for promotions.

The recently renewed TOEIC exam has been adapted to the needs of today's business world. The TOEIC score is valid for 2 years from the date of the test.

Reading & Listening is held as a separate exam, and Speaking & Writing as a separate exam.

TOEIC Reading & Listening Exam:

It is a multiple choice exam consisting of listening and reading sections with 200 questions. The exam takes approximately 2 hours.

TOEIC Listening & Reading Test Format

Section 1: Listening consists of 100 questions in total, and takes approximately 45 minutes.

- Part 1: Photographs - 10 questions with 4 answer choices

- Part 2: Question-Answer - 30 questions with 3 answer choices

- Part 3: Short diologues - 10 diologues, 3 questions with 4 answer choices for each

- Part 4: Short talks - 10 conversations, 3 questions with 4 answer choices

Listening is measured with a score from 5 - 495.

Section 2: Reading This section consists of 100 questions and takes approximately 75 minutes.

- Part 1: Filling incomplete sentences: 40 questions with 4 answer choices

- Part 2: Text filling - 4 texts, 3 questions with 4 answer choices each

- Part 3: Reading comprehension - 28 questions with one text, 20 questions with double texts

In reading, is measured with a score from 5 - 495.

TOEIC Speaking & Writing Exam:

The Speaking exam consists of 11 questions and lasts 20 minutes, while the Writing section consists of 8 questions and lasts 60 minutes.

TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test Format

Part 1: The speaking consists of 11 questions and lasts 20 minutes. Questions are based on different scenarios in daily life and in the business world.

Part 2: Writing consists of 8 questions and takes 60 minutes. The candidate is expected to answer specific questions.

How to Register for the TOEIC Exam?

You can visit and to learn about exam registration, exam centers and payment.

Which Institutions Accept the TOEIC Exam?

- Air France - Accenture - Akbank - Alcatel - Aventis - AXA - BNP Paribas - Cemex - Coca Cola - EMC - Ericsson - Mobil - Federal Express - INSEAD - GE - GlaxoSmithKline - Hewlett-Packard - HSBC - IBM - Intel - Kodak - KPMG - Lafarge - Oyak-Renault - Philips - Procter and Gamble - Samsung - Schering-Plow - Toyota - Yapı Kredi

The TOEIC Preparation Course

Our TOEIC preparation programs, which we have prepared at Elite Language Institute, are individually designed to bring students to their target scores. Our success rate in our programs is 95%, and our trainings are completely 100% one to one. Students are taught how to prepare for the exam, test-taking tactics and how to use time effectively during the exam. The aim of this program is to develop exam skills, to move to an advanced level in technical terms, to spend less time on questions and to get results in a quick time.

Course Content

Before the training, a TOEIC mock exam and interview are given, and the instructor determines the student's current score, strengths and weaknesses, and creates a program specifically designed for the student. The course is customized and it is given online or face-to-face. Candidates can be prepared for all sections, or programs can be prepared by focusing on specific sections. Periodically, students are given trial exams and their progress is closely monitored. Homework and feedback are given to students during the course. For more detailed information about TOEIC, please feel free to contact our consultants at Elite Language Institute.

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