English for Children

English for Children

Scientific research has shown that children who start foreign language education in childhood, especially in the period of 0-6 years, can learn to speak like native speakers.

Children who learn a language different from their mother tongue develop more abstract thinking ability than children who can only use their mother tongue, and therefore, the language development provides high-level cognitive skills such as concept development and evaluation. The early start of English learning will accelerate children's perception of events, develop their boundaries, enable them to be understanding and tolerant differences, and most importantly, it will enable them to get to know their own culture better when making comparisons.

English is learned by doing, living and having fun while playing. Children's English education programs at ELI are prepared and implemented by a team of experts. ELI offers Children's English programs online or in person.

The Objectives of the Children's English Program in ELI:

-Learn English with love and fun

-To be confident with themselves and gain critical thiking and creative thinking skillsDerslerimizin çok büyük bir kısmı online olarak Zoom üzerinden yapılmaktadır. Yüzyüze dersler (Levent Merkezimiz veya kendi seçeceğiniz lokasyon) ile ilgili olarak taleplerinizi ise bize ayrıca iletebilirsiniz.

-Learn independently

-Learn to speak English, understanding what is reading and listening, and written expression

-Fundamental grammar and words suitable for their level to use

-To understand and understand different cultures and ways of life.

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