Pre - School English

The purpose of our pre-school language education at ELI is to make the child love English and accordingly, to maximize their desire to learn.

For this reason, most of the programs implemented in ELI are based on physical activities. It is based on children's learning by playing. The program, prepared by considering the developmental characteristics of age groups, aims to reinforce what is learned.

Visual aids, daily speaking activities, repetitions, songs and games complete with movements play a big role in reinforcing what has been learned. While practicing English activities, we consider the different learning styles of students. We involve the students in handcrafts and painting works, computer-aided activities, drama, projects, songs, games and stories.

The program is meant to be both fun and educational. Drama and puppets are also useful methods in using the language effectively in our pre-school English education. With our pre-school education program supported by rich educational materials, children begin to speak in English.

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