Format and Scoring

Exam Format and Scoring

The GMAT Focus exam has verbal, quantitative (math) and data insight sections; takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes; and is Computer Based.

You can answer the three sections in any order.

Verbal: This section consists of 2 parts: reading comprehension and critical reasoning

Quantitative: This section consists of problem solving questions.The section requires basic knowledge of arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

Data Insgiht: This section consists of data Sufficiency, table analysis, graphic interpretations, multi-source reasoning and two-part analysis sections. This section requires knowledge of mathematics,Reading tables, interpreting and analyzing data.

Exam Format

Section Number of Questions Time
Verbal 23 45 min
Quantitative 21 45 min
Optional Break - 10 min
Data Insight 20 45 min
Total Time 135 min

Scoring In the GMAT Focus

The scoring of the GMAT exam is a combination of your verbal, quantitive sections, data insgiht, and the score is based on the following:

* The number of questions you have answered

* The number of questions you have answered correctly or incorrectly

* The difficulty level of the questions, etc.

Your score consisting of these sections is calculated immediately by the computer after the exam, although it is not official.

Section Score
Verbal 60-90 raw score
Quantitative 60-90 raw score
Data Insight 60-90 raw score
Total Score


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