English Levels

Beginner (A1)

A person at this level can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and fairly simple sentences for concrete needs. He / she can introduce himself / herself to others and can ask and answer questions about other people, such as where they live, who they know, or what kind of things they have. If the other people speak slowly and clearly and are helpful, they can communicate with them in simple ways.

Elementary / Basic (A2)

People can understand sentences directly related to areas of importance and frequently used expressions (e.g. personal and family information, shopping, work, close environment). They can communicate in simple and routine situations in which there is a simple and direct exchange of information about familiar and familiar things. He / she can describe where he / she is from, his / her educational situation, his / her environment and objects directly related to needs.

Pre-Intermediate (B1)

This level is the beginning of the intermediate level. In addition to the grammar topics and vocabulary covered in Elementary, new grammatical structures and words are taught. People at this level can only speak English within certain limits. Students can easily communicate with strangers in their daily lives, understand what they read on subjects that are not very complicated, and express them in writing, with the new concepts they have learned. Can make simple but interconnected sentences. They can overcome the problems that may arise during travels. They can give information about the events he/she has experienced.

Corresponding English knowledge level:

- IELTS 3-4

- TOEFL IBT 30-50

Intermediate / Intermediate (B1+)

The studen knows all tenses and sentence structures of English with a focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening. In this level, speaking skills are raised to the next level. By understanding the structural features of English, the subtleties of the language are learned and applied, and their deficiencies in the four language skills are eliminated. It is for students who can speak English fluently and consciously. Students can have long conversations with foreigners on many different topics, write articles using complex sentences, and understand what they read easily. They can express their thoughts on a particular subject with richer words and communicate comfortably in daily life. They can understand the main idea of complex texts.

They know the terms related to the field and can make interviews using these terms. They can express themselves naturally, fluently and quickly. They can give clear and detailed information on a topic. The can answer a general question and give information with positive and negative aspects.

Corresponding English knowledge level:

- IELTS: 4-5

- TOEFL IBT 51-65

- FCE, Grade C

Upper Intermediate / Upper Intermediate (B2)

Most of the time, you can use English with high confidence. Your communication is efficient and stable, although sometimes there are errors in your fluency, coherence, word organization. You use a wide variety of language constructions with good accuracy. Corresponding level of English knowledge:

- IELTS: 5-6.5

- TOEFL IBT 65-79

- FCE, A&B Degree

The ability to speak fluently and correctly, more complex sentence structures and formal correspondence is emphasized. It is the level at which grammar is essentially comprehended to the finest details of accurate foreign language use. The four language skills are well developed and reinforced at this level. For students who can speak English fluently and consciously. Students can have long conversations with foreigners on many different topics, make long sentences, read and understand original books. They can understand long and complex texts and make detailed summaries. They can express himself fluently and quickly without searching for words. They can use the language effectively in social and professional life or education.

Advanced (C1)

Increasing and improving vocabulary at academic level; correct and correct writing; The ability to read, understand what he/she reads, and transform what he/she understands into writing and speaking. Advanced level students are ready for Academic level exams. Students can talk and discuss about any topic with foreigners. They do not have any problems in communication. They can understand almost everything he / she reads or listens to, without difficulty and they can express his thoughts quickly, very fluently and clearly. They can distinguish details in complex subjects and convey them. Corresponding level of English knowledge:

- IELTS: 6.5-7.5

- TOEFL IBT 80-100


Proficiency (C2)

A person at this level can understand everything they read or hear without difficulty. He can summarize the information he receives from various written and oral sources, while transferring the reasons and explanations in an interconnected way. Expressing oneself spontaneously, quite fluently and accurately

Karşılık gelen ingilizce bilgi seviyesi :

- IELTS : +7.5

- TOEFL IBT +100


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