Business English Explained

Business English Programs

Everyone involved in business life (senior managers, mid-level managers, executive candidates, secretaries, sales departments, human resources, accounting, business development departments, R&D departments, etc.) can benefit from these program. English has become the common language of the business world today and naturally vocabulary and certain skills can be developed to improve effectiveness at work: 

Presentation English: This program developes the vocabulary and skills needed to give effective presentations. We focus on the introduction, organization, graphics, intonation, body language, and voice.

English for Business Writing: The program develops the student's writing skills for business (memos, reports, formal and informal e-mails).

English for Meetings and Negotiations: This program teaches the vocabulary and the skills necessary to conduct a meeting in English, attend an English langauge meeting, and negotiate on simple and complicated topics.

English for Sales: This course developes the skills and language necessary to sell products in English. The program covers prospecting, analysis, presentation, closing, and handling objections. 

English for Finance: This program teaches the vocabulary in areas such as micro / macro economics, money and banking.

English for Telephoning: We help students learn the phrases and skills for professional phone calls. The students learn to answer the phone professionally, handle complaints, ask questions, express yourself, write down what is said, and hang up the phone professionally.

English for Socializing: Students learn the vocabulary and skills to feel more comfortable socializing at a party, dinner or other work event. 

While you can focus on any of the topics above, you can also benefit from a general program that covers all these topics.

Our Business English programs are customized programs in line with the needs, sectors and positions of the students.

Persons wishing to benefit from this program must have a minimum intermediate level of English. These programs are suitable for individuals and groups; the course hours are arranged according to the students' needs, and the lessons are held in our center in Levent, in the participants' workplaces, or online.

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