English for Meetings and Negotiations

The English for Meetings and Negotiations English Course is one of our business English programs. Everyone involved in business life (senior managers, mid-level managers, executive candidates, secretaries, sales departments, human resources, accounting, business development departments, R&D departments, etc.) can take advantage of this course.

English has become the common language of the business world today, and it can be utlized in many different areas of business. The English for Meetings and Negotiations course is designed to help participants learn the English and skills needed to effectively lead meetings, participate in meetings and negotiate effectively. The duration of this program may vary according to the needs of individuals and companies. It can be taught as a 1, 2 or 3-day Workshop program or spaced out over the course of the month in 2-hour segments. The program is designe for groups or for individuals, and it takes an average of 16 hours for individuals according to their personal needs.

The program is designed for individuals or groups whose English level is intermediate and above, and for those, who attend important business meetings, lead meetings and need assistance in dealing with sensitive issues. This program is especially important since we often need to negotiate on a daily bases from simple requests to more nuanced compromises. Since the needs of individuals and groups vary greatly, we plan our programs by evaluating the students' corporate culture and the individual needs of the student. Before starting the course, we complete an in-depth needs analysis. In the trainings, we apply an interactive training method, in which the participants learn new words that they can use in meetings, gain negotiation skills and apply them in their lessons. Participants receive training with this dynamic approach, in which our instructors continuously provide feedback and ensure the participation of students in the course. For this approach to be effective, it is recommended that the number of participants in the class should not exceed 8 people for face to face lessons and 4 hours for online lessons. 

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