IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS Preparation Course

With the option of online or face to face, our IELTS preparation programs (academic and general) are individually designed to help students reach their target scores. Students are taught how to prepare for the exam, exam tactics, test-taking skills, and how to use time effectively during the exam. The aim of this program is to improve exam skills rather than increase the level of English.

Course Content: During the pre-course IELTS Practice exam, the instructor determines the student's current score, weaknesses and strengths, and then prepares a program for the needs of the student on the following topics accordingly.

Reading Skills: Reading passages during the exam are usually 3-4 paragraphs from articles, newspapers and magazines. Students review all reading comprehension questions types such as sentence completion, matching, true-false questions, table-diagram, and gap-filling questions.

Writing Skills: During the course, you are given tips on how to write your report and essay, what you should do and what you should not do. Your first task is to describe a graph (min 150 words) and the teacher will give you information about organization, properly answering the question, phrases, and vocabulary. The second task is an opinion piece (min. 250 words). The teacher will teach you how to brainstorm, organize the essay, organize your paragraphs, fully answer the question, and use the correct phrases and vocabulary.

Listening Skills: In order to improve students' listening skills, many listening exercises are made during the lessons along with various recommendations. Skills are taught for all questions types such as choosing pictures, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, sentence completion, form-table-diagram completion, true-false questions and filling in the blank.

Speaking Skills: We teach students to maximize their score by talking without long pauses, giving relevant answers to questions, using key words,and correctly using words and grammar. *Interview Stage: For this section, which consists of personal questions, tips on basic conversation skills, use of body language, and possible question are given. *Presentation Section: In these questions, which are usually related to a place, an activity or a situation, exercises are done to answer completely and correctly with the use of time.

Vocabulary (Vocabulary): On the whole exam, especially in the reading, writing and speaking sections, new important words are taught.

Grammar (Grammar Knowledge): Studies are carried out on grammar issues to improve the writing and speakign scores.

Candidate can study all sections during the course, or we can design specific programs that only focus on specific sections. Periodically, students are given practice exams and their progress is closely monitored.

The training, the experienced teacher, regular attendance, practice tests, homework and monitoring help to insure that the student's target score is reached.

Regular attendance and homework completion will help students reach their goal score. The students will learn to think quickly, recongnize common mistakes, and use time effetively.

Course Materials: The course instructor follows the lessons from a specific book, but also provides extra material to help students in the lessons. The book for the course is provided free of charge to the student.

Past real IELTS exams are a frequently used resources. Various audio recordings are used to enhance listening skills.

Level of English and Course Duration: IELTS students must have a minimum General English level of Intermediate. Anyone below this level should start with the "General English Program" towards IELTS preperation.

The basic IELTS strategic course is a 20 lessons program which focuses on main listening,reading, writing and speaking strategies.

Duration of the course will vary according to the students' current English level and target scores.

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