TOEFL Preparation Courses

The TOEFL Preparation Course

With the option of online or face to face, our TOEFL preparation programs are individually designed to help students reach their target scores. A customized program is created to match your needs. Students are taught how to prepare for the exam, exam tactics, test-taking skills, and how to use time effectively during the exam. The aim of this program is to improve exam skills rather than increase the level of English.

Course Content: During the TOEFL Practice exam held before the course, the instructor determines the student's current score, strengths and weaknesses, and prepares a program for the needs of the student on the following topics:

Reading Skills: Reading passages during the exam are usually composed of academic articles. Student and teacher focus on reading comprehension, finding the main idea, and searching for details. They look at all the question types that they will encounter during the exam, and they complete many exercises on multiple choice, sentence placement, categorization, and summarization questions.

Writing Skills: There are 2 writing tasks during the exam. (Integrated and Independent) In class, tips are given on how to write your composition, what you should do, and what you should not do. Studies are done on composition, planning and creation.

  • Integrated: (150-225 words) First, a paragraph on the subject is read, and then the student listens to a lecture. Students are shown how to easily complete your task of comparing and contrasting the reading and the audio.
  • Independent Composition: (min 300 words) Students are shown how to easily write a composition with an outline, good paragraph organization, proper grammar, and vocabulary.

Listening Skills: In order to improve students' listening skills, many listening exercises are made during the lessons and various recommendations are given for each question type. The teacher helps the student prepare for multiple choice questions, questions with more than one answer, sorting, and matching in the table. Students are given helpful hints on note taking, listening carefully, finding keywords and using time correctly.

Speaking Skills: The speaking section consists of 4 tasks. The first is an independent task and the other three are integrated (related to reading and/or listening). The student should try to maximize their score by talking without long pauses, giving relevant answers to the questions, utilizing key words, and speaking with correct pronunciation.

  • Independent Speaking Section: The candidate is asked his/her opinion about a familiar subject.
  • Integrated Speaking Section: Candidates first read an article and listen to an audio, then are asked to talk about them.

Vocabulary (Vocabulary): In the reading, writing, listening and speaking sections, vocaublary knowledge is important. Vocabulary knowledge is expanded during the course.

Grammar (Grammar Knowledge): The teacher will focus on the student's grammar issues.

Candidate can study all sections during the course, or we can design specific programs that only focus on specific sections. Periodically, students are given practice exams and their progress is closely monitored.

The training, the experienced teacher, regular attendance, practice tests, homework and monitoring help to insure that the student's target score is reached.

Regular attendance and homework completion will help students reach their goal score. The students will learn to think quickly, recongnize common mistakes, and use time effetively.

Course Materials:

The course instructor follows the lessons from a specific book, but also provides extra material to help students in the lessons. The book for the course is provided free of charge to the student.

Course Duration: TOEFL students must have a minimum General English level of Intermediate. Anyone below this level should start with the "General English Program" towards TOEFL preperation.

The basic TOEFL strategic course is a 20 lessons program which focuses on main listening,reading, writing and speaking strategies.

Duration of the course will vary according to the students' current English level and target scores.

Course duration will vary according to students' current English level and target scores.

The benefits of the TOEFL test:

• Flexible - you can take the exam on the days and times you choose.

• Fast - results are typically available within 5 business days.

• Global - there are test centers around the world.

• Practical - the exam is completed in a single sitting within approximately 3 hours

• Unlimited - the right to receive an unlimited number of exam results for 2 years.

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